What’s your Social Equity Worth?

“Social Equity is the perceived value of an individual, organization, or brands reputation and following online. This value increases or decreases based on the online buzz and conversations that take place across the various social media channels on the internet which ultimately transcend to the offline world.”
Isn’t this just a fancy way of saying your online presence precedes your reputation? 
Communication is rampant via social media, but how accurate is your participation online with who you really are? Companies and individuals can easily search for personal information about you online. Is that how you want to be portrayed?
Instead of trying to create a persona, just be yourself. 
Focus on your strengths. Delegate your weaknesses. 
When posting, think twice before sharing emotional reactions in the moment. 
Do you really want your future boss to see that picture of you?
Nobody wants to listen to you broadcast each move you make.

When at work, monitor your boundaries. The lines are blurred in these days of work-life balance, but remember your actions affect others. You may be able to work the system, but act with integrity. Even if no one knows, you do. It’s called being professional.

Your social equity is built on interactions. Treat it as a relationship. Online connections are a means to an end. We do business with people we trust. It’s harder to build trust online than in person. 

Don’t substitute your social presence for interpersonal skills. As technology rises, the desire to connect face to face will continue to grow. That means how you interact in person matters. There will never be a substitute for relationships

Social equity is your first impression. Put your best foot forward. You never know who is looking at you for the first time. Seems like that’s worth a lot…   

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