Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year arrives, so you set goals that you plan to work on, yet come the end of January they’re forgotten. How do you ensure successfully achieving your New Year’s Resolutions?

Make it Visual: Write it down. Put it somewhere you’re going to see it daily. We are all visual learners that remember more when we see it. Create a vision board. Put a post-it on your bathroom mirror. We are creatures of habit. Once we get in a routine, it’s easier to follow through. 

Weekly Goals: The grander your goal(s), the more it needs to be broken into smaller pieces. Set weekly benchmarks and chart your progress. This will increase your motivation to accomplish what you set out to do. Use a digital calendar or your smartphone to send a reminder. Think of weekly goals like “steps” towards your destination. 

Accountability: There’s added incentive when you know someone is holding you to your promise. Positively, you want to keep your word or negatively, you don’t want to look that person in the eye and admit you failed. Either way, it helps significantly to have someone keep you accountable. This could be a friend or up the ante and hire a professional.

This year do what you say and say what you’ll do. Writing it down, setting weekly goals and having an accountability partner will ensure successfully completing your goals. You have a daily choice to move towards or away from your vision. 

Are you ready to make 2011 one to remember?

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