How Successfully Do You Fail?

Define success. Each definition is unique. 
Define failure. Any time you don’t reach the intended goal. 

The most successful people in the world fail the most. 
Yes, I said it. Successful people aren’t afraid of failure because of how they view it.

After your next failure (that’s right, it will happen), try asking yourself these questions:

What can I learn?
We learn the most from losing, not winning. There’s teachable moments in every setback no matter how painful they are. It’s not what happens to you, but how you respond to it. 

What’s my next move?
There’s no harm in evaluating what happened (collecting data), but don’t dwell on your mistakes. Pick yourself up and move on. If you “keep score” based on wins and losses, you’ll become depressed. One great win can offset many losses.

What’s my goal?

After you get up off the canvas and start fighting again, re-focus on your desired target. Think of a mosaic (credit to my friend Josh Allan Dykstra). Instead of being consumed with the individual pieces, step back and view the big picture. Don’t let setbacks stop you. Stay persistent and the results will come.

Being successful is about learning to fail forward. Learn from your mistakes. Move on. Fixate on your target. Failure isn’t a bad thing, if you know how to “see” it.

Are you ready to fail forward?

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