Are you an Invisible Leader?

Inspired by a post written by Kevin Ding, Lakers Reporter for the OC Register, “Invisible Leader” refers to Lakers Coach Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant. 

In today’s world, being an invisible leader is key to success. Let me explain…

Leadership starts with a Vision. When Phil Jackson was initially hired by the Lakers, his goal was clear: win multiple championships. He knew the talent was there, but he needed the players to buy into his philosophy (no pun intended). No matter what position you hold, your vision has to drive your actions. People cannot follow, if they don’t know where to go.

Culture is the embodiment of vision. Once the vision is set, there needs to be a clear structure and set of behaviors to implement the strategy. Phil and Kobe had a rocky start to their relationship, but Phil never stopped teaching. Creating a strong culture means showing people how to do things the right way. Effective leaders model what is right, then expect others to do the same.

Empowerment is carrying out the culture. Leadership does not happen by force, but by giving responsibility and releasing control. In recent years, Phil doesn’t have to do much teaching since Kobe has become an extension of his coach. Kobe trusts Phil and Phil believes in Kobe. The heart of leadership is developing others. Imagine a relay race. Leaders pass the “baton” and cheer on their prodigy. 

Being an “Invisible Leader” means putting others first. Plant a seed of hope. Focus on doing things the right way. Look for ways to help others shine. Invisible leaders choose to be in the background, but their followers definitely “see” and “hear” them.

How can YOU be an Invisible Leader to someone today? 

Comment please!

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