Is Your Brain Lopsided?

One side of your brain is not bigger, but most likely your left brain is more utilized than your right. How would your life be different if you developed your right brain more? 

Let’s start in elementary school. Besides recess and lunch, what do you remember? Math, Science, English, etc. Those subjects process in the left side of your brain. Art, Music and Sports (all right brain activities) weren’t pushed as much. What effect did that have on you? 

Did you know your right brain is responsible for vision, emotion, creativity and risk taking? Think of how your body responds to lack of movement. It becomes atrophied and weak. All those years of not using our right brain leads to be deficiency. 

Take drawing for example. When you were 4 years old, you drew freely and willingly. As you grew older your drawing skills stayed the same or got worse because of lack of practice. What was considered “great” at age 4 is “terrible” at age 18. 

What are the future implications? Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future argues that right brain skills are necessary to succeed in the new economy. Left brain functions such as logic, verbal skills, organization and analysis are necessary; but the new worker needs to be innovative, empathetic and bi g picture thinking to thrive. 

Are YOU developing Your Right Brain skills?

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