Are you Coachable?

I have to admit, I didn’t read this entire article, but the part that intrigued me was the title…

In my experience as a coach, no one trait determines success or failure more than attitude. I’d go as far as to say attitude determines whether you should work with a coach or a therapist. Nothing frustrates me more as a coach than a client with a “victim” mentality. It’s always someone else’s fault, there’s always an excuse or their obstacle is just too huge to overcome. I realized quick why I wanted to be a coach when I got to sit in a client “seat” with both a coach and a counselor. I found myself wanting to speed the pace up, figure out what action I could take next and move forward! I admit, I have a difficult time when I coach a client who has “cyclical” thinking.  

My ideal client is one who will take responsibility for his or her shortcomings, is hungry to learn and is willing to try different things. You can’t change your circumstances, but you can change your perspective on how you view them…

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