Chief Psychologist?

When most CEO’s move up the ranks, some forget they need to change their skill set. As a worker, you excel because of your technical skills. If you get promoted, now you need to refine your leadership skills because you’re managing people. No one cares if you’re the best at what you do if no one will listen to you…
The move from middle management leader to CEO means you have to become more strategic minded. You set the vision (direction) of the company you are leading, yet statistics show 50% of a CEO’s time is spent dealing with interpersonal issues. (Time to hire an external coach!) 

I believe the higher you move up the “totem pole” the less you actually deal with customers and the more you deal with employees. It can cause real headaches, but it’s the reality of the job. Know this going in and if you’re not willing to play the mediator, don’t take the gig!

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