Cheap Eats Leadership

I’m always looking for the next great local eatery that gives me good bang for my buck. Cheap eateries stay alive because of their nostalgia and raving fans. Here’s 3 ways you can follow their lead:

Great Value. Getting more than what you paid for. Provide an exceptional product/service and offer it at a competitive price. When you interact with others, would they say you give them great value? 
Word of Mouth Marketing. Cheap eateries don’t spend much money on advertising. They depend on customer driven publicity. Social media is flashy, but word of mouth is more effective. Get your “customers” to promote you!
Raving Fans. Fans are committed customers. They voluntarily spread the word to their friends. A raving fan is worth more than 10 customers. Make your goal to create raving fans.
Observe how local eateries create great value and inspire their customers to market for them. Word of mouth marketing may be cheap, but it keeps people hungry for more.
Are YOU creating raving fans?

Comment please!

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