Sell Your Vision

Do you like to sell? I sure don’t. Whether you’re a worker or the boss, sales is part of the job. What if instead of selling your product or service, you sold your vision? How would that change your approach? 

People want to be inspired. Marketing is motivating people to act on their desires. If you can paint a picture about how life will improve with your product/service, you have a customer.  
People want to know where you will take them. Would you get in a car without knowing the destination? Vision is direction. Show people where you will take them so they can decide whether to follow you.  
People buy visions. Nike promises better performance. Apple sells the “cool” factor. Disneyland enhances your happiness. We buy the perceived effect a product/service will have on us. 
Vision gives us hope. We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Vision is a combination of passion and direction. Vision lies in your heart. Sell your vision and people will get on board with you.
What vision are YOU selling?

Comment please!

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