What’s Your Shift?

Every leader experiences a pivotal moment where everything changes. For me it was the day after Thanksgiving, November 26, 2004 . I woke up with my knee hurting and exclaimed:
“I must be fat!”

Those words motivated me to get up and go to the gym immediately.
At first, I started doing cardio and swimming. Next, I figured weights would be a good idea so I copied what people did at the gym. In addition, I adjusted my diet by eliminating: fried foods, starch, soda, sweets and beef.
Three months later I reached my goal of losing 20 pounds, but this was not temporary. It was a lifestyle change.
Two years later (2006), I decided to up the ante by becoming a certified fitness trainer. My goal was to understand how to workout correctly. The course was helpful and I use some of the same strategies to this day.
I’ve maintained my weight and benefited from increased energy and mood that I translate to my business life. Working out revealed my drive, strong will and desire to see results.
Everyone has the ability to shift to a better place. Make a choice to take action to your intentions. Start now by writing down a goal you intend to accomplish and act on it.
Your time is now…

When will YOU shift?

Comment please!

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