How’s Your WellBeing?

How well are you REALLY doing? Gallup created an assessment to measure where you thrive in life. It’s a great tool for Life Coaching.

Here’s a brief summary of the 5 areas…

Career – Do you like what you do each day?
Boost your Career Wellbeing by making sure you use your personal strengths daily.
Social – Our best moments in life happen amongst friends.
Boost your Social Wellbeing by communicating 6 hours daily (in person, social media, e-mail, phone, etc.)
Financial – We tend to define our wealth by social comparison.

Boost your Financial Wellbeing by purchasing experiences (memories last; material things fade)
Physical – Every choice we make is a net positive or net negative.
Boost your Physical Wellbeing by exercising 20 minutes daily (it can brighten your mood for up to 12 hours!)
 Community – Get involved & give back.
Boost your Community Wellbeing by contributing towards others based on your personal mission (what appeals to your heart)
Improving your Wellbeing is about making short-term decisions consistent with your long-term objectives. Check out the book that includes an online assessment at: WellBeing

What are YOU doing to boost your Wellbeing TODAY?

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