Are you fishing on the right side of the boat?

One night I dreamt I was fishing on a boat – working hard, but catching nothing. Someone told me, “Drop your nets on the other side.” Perplexed for a moment, I did it and shortly after my nets were so full of fish, I needed help to reel in the catch.

I made a connection to my career…

I believe I’m in the right profession, but what if I’m selling to the wrong crowd?

Being an entrepreneur is an up and down journey. I’ve learned so much about perseverance, clarity and being a continual learner. I can’t do this alone and I’m finding out it’s more about who you’re connected to, rather than how much you know.

Sure, I have doubts when times are dry, but I bounce back when I envision what it can be.

I’m convinced I’m in the right profession based on my passion and commitment level. I’m most fulfilled when sitting with a client, listening to their story and trying to help them reach their goals. I know what I do provides value, but I haven’t found the consistency I’m looking for yet.

As I reflect and strategize, I know that “great catch” isn’t far off… 

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What’s your journey? Please share your comments.

3 thoughts on “Are you fishing on the right side of the boat?

  1. I have reached my destination of owning a farm and built it from the ground up,this is after saving up for it for over 12 years. I have been fighting to keep it ever since.(10 years now) My neighbor tried to harass us out of it so she could buy it. The village tried to rezone it after annexing part of it, I had to fight that in Supreme Court all by my self because my husband had left by this point. Now since the Divorce, I have been battling with Wells Fargo bank to get it out of foreclosure and obtain a loan modification or a new loan in my name only. I went from a stay at home mom to running a farm business all by my self and working two jobs to prove to the bank that I can afford the loan on my loan. Oh and took in complete strangers into my home as renters living with me too. Today at 3pm I meet with some one that said they will help me talk to Wells Fargo to get the loan done. It has been dragging on for 2years now. I have so many plans for my farm/home which I have been implementing despite the conflict, stress, and time constraints. Now I just have to be left alone long enough to complete every thing. Do you have any recommendations? My email address is Most Sincerely, Vikie

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