What Poker Can Teach Us About Business

In Tony Hsieh’s book “Delivering Happiness“, he makes parallels between poker and business. Listen to what the Zappos CEO learned from playing the game:
1) Evaluate Market Opportunities
Where there are a lot of competitors, it’s much harder to win. Choosing to play at the right “table” may be the difference between winning and losing.

2) Finances
Are you prepared for the worst case scenario? If you want to make a long-term impact it will take time and sacrifice.
3) Strategy
Only play games you understand. Stick to your principles, be flexible and stay patient. Players with the most stamina and focus usually win. Differentiate yourself from the others.
4) Continual Learning
Educate yourself. Read books. Learn from others who have done it before. Surround yourself with talented players. Ask for advice.
5) Culture
Love the game you play. Be nice and make friends – it’s a small community. Share what you’ve learned with others. Look for opportunities beyond what you’re doing now. Have fun – it’s more enjoyable that way.
Interested in starting your own business? Find what you’re passionate about and committed to. Remember, make logical, mathematical decisions, not emotional ones.
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3 thoughts on “What Poker Can Teach Us About Business

  1. Yes i agree Self confidence is having confidence in oneself which brings one's ability to succeed. If we decide to do something but in a right direction only then we succeed. Whether it is business or real life self confidence is very effective for both.

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