Food Truck Evangelism

Listen up entrepreneurs, businesses & churches! This L.A. based trend is revealing insight on how to attract loyal fans. Here are three takeaways that you can apply in your organization:

1) Go to Them
Find out where your customers hang out and bring your product or service to them. Potential customers are more “comfortable” on their “home turf.” Make convenience your ally.

2) Create Excitement
There’s a buzz in the air when something is perceived as fun. When you create an environment that appeals to the senses, people become captivated. Feelings drive your actions.
3) Provide Value

Price is important, but people are willing to pay for something great. Value is cost PLUS quality and customer service. Listen to your customer’s needs and plan your agenda around them.
Food trucks are followed on twitter because of the overall experience they create. We can learn a lot from this growing trend by going to our customers, creating excitement and providing value for them! Are you creating an experience worthy enough to be “followed”?

Need a plan to attract customers?
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