From Client to Coach

I understand my client’s struggles because I was a client before I became a coach. Today I wanted to share the Top 3 benefits I received from my coach:

1) Eliminate Blind Spots
Two brains work better than one. A coach can identify things you might have missed. It’s this additional perspective that enhances your performance and optimism.

2) Faster Pace
Coaching is about results. I like accomplishing my goals. Having a coach makes that process happen faster. Weekly goal setting and accountability increases efficiency and accuracy.

3) Confidence
The result of weekly goal achievement is increased self-confidence. Feeling confident makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Momentum, when on your side, can be your best friend.

As a former client, coaching has made such a profound impact on my life, I wanted to pursue it as a career. This passion has driven me to provide the same experience for my clients.

Ready to try Coaching for yourself?
Partner with Coach Scott to widen your perspective, accomplish goals faster & boost confidence! E-mail Scott to start Growing Forward today!

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