Take a Hike

This past weekend my wife and I went on a 7.5 mile hike. During our journey, I realized three takeaways that could apply to career development:

Before we left, we put on our hiking shoes, comfortable clothes and packed some snacks and water. I knew it was going to be more challenging than other hikes because our previous ones were only 3 miles. Knowing we had a greater destination in mind, it was key to mentally prepare for the challenge.

At different points we wanted to stop, but the other person provided encouragement to keep going. If I took this journey alone, it would be easier to quit, but we were able to rely on each other when it got tough and the accountability helped us persevere.

Once we reached the top, we rested and enjoyed the view from above. There’s nothing better than feeling you’ve climbed a mountain (literally). Even when we were tired, our drive for achievement took us to the top. We looked back on climb and agreed it was worth it.

(even with the soreness that followed)

Taking a hike is very similar to career development. First, you have to prepare your mind for the challenge. Next, create a support system for accountability when times get tough. Lastly, don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal.

Need help taking that first step?
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