Control vs. Choice

We spend most of our lives trying to control every aspect of our lives, yet what do we really have control over? Maybe it’s not about being in control, but knowing you have choices to make. Let’s explore this further:

Time: We can’t control what has happened to us in the past, but we can make choices today that impact tomorrow. The past is history and you can’t change it, so don’t dwell on it. Do something today that will create a better future for yourself.

Focus: Don’t blame others for what’s going wrong, concentrate on what you can change (about you). You can’t control others, but you can better yourself. Directing our energy on others, takes time away from self-improvement.

Circumstances: We can’t control what happens to us, but we can choose how to respond. Bad things happen to everyone, yet it’s your reaction that reveals your true character. Today, choose to respond in a way that is consistent with your “brand.”

It seems illogical to give up control, but we don’t have much of it in the first place! Start making personal choices today that will help you to continually grow forward!

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