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Last issue I talked about people being your greatest asset. Recently, I found a company who is living this value out. is a Nevada based online shoe company. They have an on-site Company Life Coach, Dr. Vik, who is available to assist employees. Their basis for hiring a Life Coach is “How can an upset worker be productive?”

What can a Life Coach do for my Company?

Meet Life Coach, Dr. Vik

1) Blurred Boundaries. Today there is no separation between work and life. Problems outside of work are brought into work. A Company Life Coach will benefit you by sitting down with troubled or upset employees and help them overcome their problems. Did you know that managers spend 50% of their time dealing with staff interpersonal issues? How much more time would you save by hiring a Company Life Coach to deal with their problems?

2) How are you doing? A question we are asked on a daily basis, but who really cares? A Company Life Coach cares what you are thinking about and how you are feeling. Thoughts and feelings directly determine how you will perform. I am amazed at how many workers walk into a session with me feeling very frustrated, then leave feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the world! Your thoughts and feelings “trigger” your actions. Sometimes, we as workers just need someone to validate how we are feeling. Once we are understood, we’re ready to perform at a high level.

3) Motivation. One of my favorite aspects of being a Life Coach is understanding different personalities. No two people are alike. Each person is unique. A Company Life Coach identifies what motivates each worker, then empowers them to take action. Ever watch an inspiring story on TV and feel motivated to make a difference? That’s how you feel at the conclusion of each Life Coaching session. We choose to change.

If you are in the Customer Service Industry (who isn’t), the Customer-Employee transaction is crucial to increasing profits. A Company Life Coach keeps your workers engaged so they can perform at their best!

During this recession, Growing Forward wants to be sensitive to your situation. If you do not have the funds to hire a full-time Company Life Coach, that’s OK! We are willing to partner with you once a week or on a part-time basis depending on what serves your current needs.

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