Your Company’s Greatest Asset

The Answer is YOU!

During the FEAR of this economy, companies are laying off employees left and right. The objective is to cut costs, but the problem is NOW your business has no chance to succeed. Let me explain…

People are Your Greatest Asset

1) Productivity. When you cut workers, you cut production. For each person you layoff, someone else has to carry an additional worker’s job responsibilities. I understand that diminishing profits means cuts somewhere, but why not cut energy usage, hours of service or overhead costs? When the economy picks back up you will be in no position to thrive without enough help.

2) Customer Service. No matter what industry you are in, the employee-customer transaction is essential to success. How many times are there problems with a product or service that calls for personal assistance? Great Customer Service is given by Great Customer Servants. If you want to create customer loyalty, hold on to your high performing workers. Great customer service turns a normal customer into a raving fan!

3) Solutions. When sales are down, look to your employees for answers. Try forming groups comprised from different departments to brainstorm potential solutions. Innovation is bred through management who is willing to be transparent about their current situation and humble enough to share the troubling data with their workers. As a worker, if your job was at stake in this economy wouldn’t you offer to help turn things around?

Remember, the only way businesses will survive this current economy is by empowering their workers to try harder, work harder and think harder. People are the only solution to turning this economy around. Make sure you value them as Your Greatest Asset!

Growing Forward creates customized programs for businesses with 5 – 500+ employees. We’ll meet with you and set up a program that meets your current needs.

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