Bridging the Generation Gap

Today’s organization is a mixture of different generations. It’s important to understand the differences in values, communication style, work ethic, etc. It’s even more vital to apply these findings at work. Here’s some suggestions to narrow the “gap” at work:

Baby Boomers – Think SUCCESSION plan. Plan with the end in mind. Boomers have all the experience and knowledge. Don’t let the knowledge leave when you retire. MENTOR!

Help Gen X by: Delegating responsibility and tasks. This entrepreneur group enjoys leading projects, so start training them to take over. Teach them how to lead a team.
Help Millennials by: Giving them feedback on their performance. One of the biggest mistakes is expecting them to lead alone. This is a collaborative group. They lead by team consensus.

Generation X – LEADERSHIP skills. This generation is driven to be efficient. They prefer to work independently, yet need opportunities to lead people. This is the next group of leaders. They are the “hybrid” of Boomers/Millennials.

Help Boomers by: Offering efficiency solutions. Ask to get involved at the management level. Be proactive, not critical. Help your experienced counterparts understand the Millennials (most of you have younger siblings this age)
Help Millennials by: Showing them the work expectations of their Boomer supervisors. Teach them how to be professional. Help them increase the quality of their oral and written communication.

Millennials – TEAM players and TECH-savvy. This optimistic group expects to reach their dreams. Relationships are important – more important than their careers.

Help Boomers by: Asking Boomers to mentor you. In return, teach them technology PATIENTLY. Show them how technology increases efficiency.
Help Gen X by: Sharing your optimism. Tell them to lighten up and not take things so seriously. Explain how social networking helps build relationships.

This is a brief list, but a good start for implementing action NOW! Don’t wait. Take action and be part of the SOLUTION!

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