What are YOUR Strengths?

The StrengthsFinder 2.0
People always ask me, “What assessments do you use for your clients?” There is only ONE I use with everyone, the StrengthsFinder 2.0. Let me explain why…

1) Uniqueness. The SF 2.0 is an online assessment that explains your top 5 talents. Did you know the odds of finding someone else with the same 5 talents in the same order as you is 1 in 32 million?! It’s all about being unique. It’s what separates you from the rest. Who doesn’t want to know what they are good at?

2) Growth. The greatest room for growth is in your area of talent/strengths. This makes sense. Stop trying to be the jack of all trades. Focus on what you do well and do more of it! Think about the top athletes in the world. They get paid to do one thing well. How much more successful would you be if you spent more time developing your strengths?!

3) Results. Your answers don’t change over time. Most assessments are behavior-based, which means they change over time. The SF 2.0 is based on “who you are.” You were born with these talents, you can develop these into strengths and you will always be good at them. When you are using your strengths, others will positively reinforce you. Who doesn’t want to be recognized for what they are good at?

After hearing that, you might be compelled to buy the book. Let me make it easy for you: Buy SF 2.0

The real power of the assessment is revealed through an appointment with a Strengths Coach. Fortunately, I am one, so if you are interested in learning how to make your strengths work for you…

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