Losing Motivation And 3 Ways To Recharge

Everyone plateaus.

No matter how motivated of a person you are, there are days where you find yourself in a funk.

It’s easy to brush it off, take a break and do what feels good, but that can also be laziness masking itself.

Regardless if you work for someone or you’re the boss it happens.

Here are 3 ways to combat it:

1. Look for inspiration

It’s easy to work hard when you’re inspired, but what about when you’re not? Since we’re in the information age there’s no shortage of stories, videos and articles to inspire you. Make personal development a habit and ideas will come flying at you. In fact, they don’t need to be original. The most successful businesses make their money by bettering an existing idea.

2. Don’t let your feelings drive your decisions

If you’re more of a “feeling” or emotional-based person you experience highs and lows often. If you’re more logic-based and a “thinker” this may not be an issue for you. Data proves that most of our purchasing decisions are based on emotions. Think back to when you made your last purchase. Assuming it wasn’t a bill, it probably falls into the “want,” not need category. This translates over to work. The reason why people aren’t more successful in general is that they don’t do the little things daily because it’s not fun. Ask anyone who’s climbed the corporate ladder or monetized a business and they can tell you how the continual, monotonous tasks are what really moves the needle.

3. Focus on the end goal

Have you lost sight of what you’re pursuing? As much as #2 is about doing the little things, don’t forget the big picture. Simon Sinek says it best when he challenges you to identify your why. Once you lose sight of that you’re lost. Inspiration comes from knowing where you want to go. The journey may be long and difficult, but nothing worth pursuing is easy. What you’re doing and how you do it may lack excitement at times, but if the end goal is aspirational you can always go back to that for motivation.

Ultimately it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when” you lose motivation. Hopefully the above suggestions will help you get out of your funk sooner than later!