Millennials Are Lazy, Entitled & High Maintenance


If you’re managing Millennials, you might just share these sentiments.

These are the areas I will discuss in the first two workshops at How to Effectively Manage Millennials.

I’ve worked with Millennials for almost 20 years in different capacities so I’ll share my knowledge and experience in understanding the largest generation in the workplace.

Sign up now for individual workshops or the entire series & use promo code “manage” for 25% off!

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Millennials Are Lazy, Entitled & High Maintenance

  1. The reality is that Millenials do suffer from an overwhelming sense of entitlement. I taught at the college level for five years. Ther was always pushback on marks. Why work harder when you can complain? The system is so screwed up that complaining worked. It’s never fair to generalize, everyone is different. But from what I have seen for many Millenials work is a four letter word. Good luck with them!

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