Fitness, My Drug of Choice & Morning Workouts

I’ve always been fascinated with how great athletes perform consistently over time.

Did you know if you workout vigorously in the morning, it gives you an added boost in energy and mood for the next 12 hours?

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I’ve applied this to my professional life. I workout 5 times a week varying between the gym, playing basketball and golf (Ok, golf doesn’t really count, but it’s a change of pace).

Even when I’m tired from not getting enough sleep the night before, it’s better to workout tired than skip it. I actually feel more energized after working out on a bad night’s sleep than if I rested an extra 30 – 60 minutes instead. Doesn’t sound logical, but it works.

Furthermore “waking up on the wrong side of the bed” actually dissipates after working out. Endorphins flow rapidly and somehow your frown turns upside down.

Some people drink coffee, 5 hour energy or juice in the morning. 
For me, I workout. All of the mentioned are considered drugs, so fitness is my drug of choice
I’ll take it further. If I don’t workout at least every other day, my body feigns for it. I have conditioned my body (and mind) to NEED the workouts.

Back to my example of athletes. Performance has more to do with sleep, nutrition, fitness and focus than anything taught on productivity. It’s more about eliminating distractions, than overemphasizing peak performance. 

As a professional, I consider fitness a part of my job. If I don’t do it, my performance suffers.  

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