Emotional Buying

As logical as you think you are, most of our decisions are made purely out of emotion. 

Take a look at most commercials, advertisements and retail stores/eateries…

It’s simple: we see something that appeals to us, we buy it.

shopping cart heart emotional purchase

All great brands know if you have a nice design (packaging), you significantly increase your sales.

Take for instance Costco. The reason they don’t label their aisles (and frequently move around products) is because they’re hoping you’ll make extra “emotional buys” that you didn’t plan on.

So as a consumer, how do you counter your mortal ways?


Yes, that simple. The next time you’re on Amazon searching, put items on your wish list instead of purchasing them right away. I bet in a week you’ll forget what you saw. If you remember, buy it then.

Emotion doesn’t wait for logic, unless you command it to

Examine the last time you lost your temper. Was there really a good reason to blow your lid? (most of the time, no.)

If you pause, leave the situation briefly, then return and you’ll probably respond differently. 

That’s why marketing is geared toward penetrating your heart more than your mind. Brands prey on filling your emotional needs. 

We think we make decisions with our brains, but usually that’s not the case. 

I’m not suggesting you become a robot, just be more mindful of how you make your decisions. 

Make sure the “cost” doesn’t outweigh the verdict.

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