Hate Losing

If you ask someone who is extremely competitive whether they love winning or hate losing, they’ll answer, “I hate losing.”
Most believe the obvious answer would be, “I love winning,” but let’s dig into the process behind personal drive.
Who doesn’t love winning? The problem is you can’t win all the time. If you get accustomed to winning, you expect it. You stop working hard. Your focus is on your past success, therefore you’re susceptible to complacency. That’s when someone is ready to knock you off your throne.
Take for example elite athletes. They train harder after a painful defeat. They remember how bad it feels to lose so they never want to experience that again
Competitive companies such as: Google, Zappos and Nike never stop innovating. They’re not satisfied being #1, they desire more. Even during their current success, they’re planning ahead for future domination.
I learned the hard way with my first business. I had idealistic goals and dreamed about achieving them. When I came up short, I stopped trying as hard. This time around I’m realistic about what needs to get done. Even when there’s good news, I know something could happen that can ruin it. It may sound like you’ll never be satisfied, but it’s more about always working hard to elude failure.

So the next time you have a goal in mind, don’t daydream about winning, be driven by hating to lose.

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