Pete Carroll on Sticking With a Vision

At a recent Nike WinForever Workshop, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll spent a few minutes talking on the topic of sticking with a vision. Specifically, he talked about putting forth this WinForever philosophy that we preach every day–and sticking with it.
You can do whatever you want to do with yourself,” Carroll explains. He urges that you take the WinForever vision to your work, coaching staff, family, etc.
“I promise you’re going to be thrilled about what changes,” Carroll says. “It may not come easy.” We know that if it were easy, it wouldn’t the real deal.
He ended the workshop with one strong statement to the audience, which you can grow from as well:  “I want to challenge you to compete. Battle. Fight your way through this. Stick with it. Don’t let up.”
“There’s nothing you can’t do.”

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