The Startup Baby

There are a lot of myths out there about raising a child, as well as starting your own company. As a new dad, let me tell you that with a plethora of information available, there’s no better teacher than experience.
Here are some parallels between being a parent and owning a Startup:

Time. Sleep is determined by the baby, so when the baby actually sleeps, you better sleep also. Your schedule for the time being revolves around your newborn because they can’t help themselves. As a Startup company, unexpected events will arise and your schedule can be quite unpredictable. Some days you will have enough time to work, while other nights you will go sleepless working on a project. Time is finite, so spend time on what matters. 

Development. Some days you’ll feel confident as a parent and other times you’ll feel clueless. It’s not about being perfect but putting forth your best effort to help guide and develop your child. In a startup, there will be peaks and valleys. The learning curve is steep. Overall, focus on making progress and look for visible growth.
Adapting to Change. Adults may be older, but try and control a kid and your life will be ruined. Kids evolve at a rapid pace and adjust quickly to new experiences. The Startup World is never calm and flooded with risk. If you’re not ready to “pivot” (business term for switching to a new direction), you may overlook a great opportunity. Being flexible in a fast paced world is crucial to any amount of success.

You can’t learn about parenting or starting your own company without actually doing it. Do your research and talk to others with more experience, but be ready to learn through trial and error. Nothing can fully prepare you for the “birth” of a new child/business, but don’t forget the most important part: starting!

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