The NBA is a perfect example of a new phenomenon happening more regularly: Superteams.
LeBron James and Chris Bosh were harshly criticized (me being one of them) when they left their former teams to join Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat. Players like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan all went on record saying they would never recruit each other to join forces. 
This trend may be highlighted by the NBA, but it’s spread into the business world as well. Joint ventures and co-founders are doing business together daily while strengthening their companies with added talent. Let’s look at a couple of reasons why this is happening:    
Collaboration: When there is more combined talent overall, there are more strengths to work with and it’s easier to eliminate blind spots. Creativity increases dramatically with more brainpower in the room. Alternative options are looked at because each person has a different worldview.
Reliance: It’s much easier to focus on growth when the burden is shared. Responsibility is divvied up so no one person has to carry the entire load. When one person is down, there’s someone else to pick that person up.
Generational: Millennials in particular prefer to join forces and collaborate. It’s a fundamental recipe for success. They are hard-wired to do things together. Rarely do you see any single 20-something founders of companies.
Think of it as team leadership. Shared resources usually bring about a better product/service. Although it may be a concept accepted more readily by Millennials, overall its an idea that works to everyone’s benefit. Long gone are the days of the lone ranger. Our egos may push us to be the superhero (Ironman), but why run solo when you can join forces and become a Superteam (Avengers)? 

Look deeply into your network and ask “Who are my potential business partners?” You can accomplish so much more with talented people around you, so start reaching out. You don’t even have to figure out what you’re going to do together, that may just come out of brainstorming! So what Superteam will you be a part of?

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