Risk + Reward

No risk, no reward. A simple, but powerful statement.
Picture a spectrum. On one end is the analytical thinker and on the other is the emotional risk taker.

Where do you fall?

In business and in life, there needs to be a healthy balance of the two. For example, before starting your own business, you must research the industry, know the costs and forecast your profits. You also need to identify opportunities, be willing to invest time and money while passionately selling yourself.
From my own experience if you’re going to err on one side, choose risk. You can only do so much prep, but when push comes to shove its about taking action to get results. Timing is everything, so you have to be ready when opportunity strikes. If you over-analyze your situation, you’ll miss out. 
Talk to serial entrepreneurs who have failed more times than you have tried. Their ability to cope and move forward is inspiring. Sure, they do their homework on taking calculated risks, but their goals are huge. They determine their own standards. They see the potential greatness and chase it tenaciously. 
The difference is direction. Are you going towards your goal or trying to avoid obstacles? The answer to that question will greatly determine your chance of success. 
Your daily challenge isn’t to think about it, but just do it! Identify your target and start making progress now!

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