Growing Pains

When your startup is going through a growth stage, new members are being brought aboard and different layers of tasks are created. Now you’re not just responsible for the vision and strategy, but also managing new employees. Here are some suggestions to streamline the process:   

Know your Strengths. Think of an athlete. They are paid to do one thing very well. Identify what value you bring to the business and make sure you stick to doing that. What one aspect of the business will fail if you don’t focus on it? Consider outsourcing or delegating everything else.

Build around Fit. Recruit talent, not your friends. Picture puzzle pieces fitting together. Compliment your team by adding people who are different from you. Hire for roles versus just titles. A strong team consists of everyone in the right seat on the bus. 
Get an Outsider’s Perspective. When you’re close to the situation, you’re susceptible to blind spots. Bring someone in that can look at your company objectively. Listen to their observations about chemistry and execution. The goal is to let the business run efficiently on it’s own.
As a company grows, there becomes three layers of skill sets
Executives focus on strategy and growth of the company.
Managers are responsible to lead the team under their supervision.
Technical employees take care of the customers and complete the assigned tasks.

Growth is a good thing, but unless you deal the pains associated with it, it can take you down. Don’t lose sight of why the business exists and keep growing forward!

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