Welcome to Your Online University

Based on results, formal education is questionable. Does it really prepare you for the working world? Here are some lower priced options that will help you reach your goals, faster:
Research. Nowadays you can Google anything. Whether it’s a video, tips or stats, you can view it on your couch. You don’t have to enroll in a class or pay for tuition. In fact, once you master a skill you can teach others! There’s plenty of information out there, it’s just a matter of funneling it down to what you actually need. Gather. Commit. Implement.
The Big 3. Post. Tweet. Ask. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great resources to connect with people at a touch of a button. There are tons of experts online that you can learn from. Look at social media as a way of reaching out and building relationships. Have a goal in mind, otherwise it becomes purely social and a waste of time. Be willing to give as much as you receive and you’ll be amazed at the progress made.
Study Success. Who are some role models or mentors that you admire? If you have access, contact them. If they have a book, read it. Understanding someone else’s story can be crucial to your learning curve. See how they did it. What mistakes can you avoid? What traits can you emulate? Learning from an example can help you create your own process that works. 
My point is don’t depend on formal education to learn. It helps to have a physical location and teacher for structure, but become more self-disciplined by growing on your own. Also, bring the conversation offline and in person. Informal interviews, chats over coffee and networking will further your career with a personal goal in mind. If money and time are factors, start online. If personal development is that important to you, you’ll make time for it.

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