My Fave 5: Books

Charles Barkley has his fave 5 numbers in his cell phone. This week I thought I’d share my fave 5 books based on categories. This list should change in the future, because personal development is essential to growing as a leader:
This is a must read for college students. Relationship marketing is the way of business. It’s about who you know, not what you know. Your personal network = your personal net worth.
Rock coined the term “Neuroleadership.” He studies leadership from a scientific point of view. Understanding how the brain works will help you be a more effective leader.
It’s one thing to self-initiate change, but to get others to change is an entire skill in itself. Kotter focuses on one aspect of his change model to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Change isn’t talking about it. Change is about doing it.
Have you ever challenged the myths of starting a business? Jason and David do. Less academic, more practical. Ultimately, there are no formulas for success. Yet, it’s nice to know there are several ways to make it big.
As a graduate of a M.A. in Organizational Leadership, I’ve taken a multitude of psychological tests in my lifetime. The power of the StrengthsFinder is the application. Each person has their top 5 natural talents. The most successful people in the world (in any industry) maximize theirs on a daily basis.
Leadership starts with you. You can’t take anyone where you haven’t been yourself. Make personal growth a priority and teach others what you are learning. Leaders are readers. 

What are your top 5? 

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