How to Detox Your Mind

There are several products on the market to cleanse your body of harmful toxins, yet what if there was a way to do the same for your mind? Since your thoughts trigger feelings that initiate how you act, here are three ways to shift your negative thoughts into positive ones:

Shift: Away > Towards – In golf if there’s water ahead and you tell yourself “Don’t hit it in the water”, you’ll overcompensate and aim 50 yards clear of it. Usually it avoids the water, but still ends up being a terrible shot. Instead of telling ourselves to “stay away” from something, try “going towards” what you want. For example, instead of avoiding networking because you don’t like large groups; meet up for coffee one-on-one. It’s still accomplishes the goal of building your network, just at your style at pace.

Shift: Subjective > ObjectiveYour natural reaction is to take things personal, but what if you stepped back and looked at the big picture versus just your perspective? Simply looking at the situation from a different angle can change the way you react. Managing your emotions is a step towards maturity. 

Shift: Control > Choice – The faster you can grasp how much control you don’t have, the less disappointed and frustrated you’ll be. You can’t control what happens to you, but you can choose how you respond to it. When things don’t go your way don’t dwell on what happened; figure out what you can do about it. In business, no one wants to hear complaining about problems, people want solutions. 

Detoxing your mind is ridding it of negative thoughts and replacing it with positive ones. Perspective is one of the most powerful tools for your mind. Just a slight shift in view can turn a pessimist into an optimist. Shifting your mind produces hope and hope is what we need to fuel positive change. 

How can you detox your mind this week?

5 thoughts on “How to Detox Your Mind

  1. Scott, as usual, you've picked up on a topic about which there is growing buzz. While online applications do generate hiring, sooner or later, most job hunters must have a verbal exchange with an interviewer. For entrepreneurs, the ability to talk and convince is a survival skill. Excellent post!

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