How to Use Your Career GPS

Every time you get in your car, you have a chosen destination. What if you applied this same principle to your career? Despite the economy, you want a career you love (not just work a job). What if there was a career GPS to help you find the way? Good news, there is…

Goals – What do you want to do? Start at the end. Your goals are the steps to accomplishing your vision. You wouldn’t get in a car without knowing where you were headed, so don’t look for a job without knowing what field you desire to be in. Only you know what your dreams entail. Write them down so you can see them daily. 

Passions – What do you love doing? What are your hobbies? If all jobs paid the same, what would you choose? You should love your career. It shouldn’t feel like work. The more you love what you do, the more focused and committed you will be. People who are passionate about what they do become positive catalysts for everyone around them! 

Strengths – What are you great at? (Notice I did not say “good.”) In what areas are you way above average? What stands out about you? What have others complimented you about multiple times? A strength is a natural talent developed over time. You can be passionate about something, but you also need to be skilled at it. Figure out what you do better than anyone else and get better at it! 

Your career GPS consists of your goals, passions and strengths. Finding it is your responsibility. Don’t settle for just a job. Create a career that you love and thrive in. The most successful people identified their career GPS and followed it. Form a Vinn Diagram of your goals, passions and strengths. Your answer lies in the overlap. 

What is your career GPS?

Comment please!

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