How the NBA Free Agency Changed Corporate America

From LeBron James’ “Decision” to Carmelo Anthony’s desire to leave Denver, the power in the NBA has shifted. No longer are GM’s calling the shots, the players are. This trend has become prevalent in the workforce. Let’s take a look at how it’s changed:
1) Direction
If a player feels his team is not headed in the right direction, he wants out. Today’s worker wants to know the vision of the company. Translation: Make sure employees’ personal visions fit within the larger company vision.
2) Talent
Great players want to be surrounded by other great players. Nothing great is accomplished alone. Keeping talent means catering to their needs. Translation: Figure out how to serve your workers, so they can better serve your customers.
3) Speed
Not only do players want to win, but they want it now. Instead of waiting, they create their own options. Retention may be difficult, but turnover can be deadly. Translation: Create an environment that removes distractions, so workers can focus on achieving goals.
Young Professionals have turned the workforce upside down. Companies have to adapt to keep their future leaders. Invest in your high potentials, they are your greatest asset!
Need strategies to help retain your top talent?

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