Do You Manage Your Emotions Well?

When emotions arise, do you react or respond? Managing your emotions is about choice. Take a look at your 3 available options:
1) Express Them
Reacting immediately makes you feel better, but it’s not always appropriate. In the heat of the moment, we speak before we think. What is the context? Who are you telling? Do you want to be viewed as overly dramatic?!

2) Suppress Them
Holding your feelings inside makes you feel worse. Private people prefer not sharing how they feel with others, yet if bottled up for too long it creates a volcano that will eventually explode!

3) Label + Reframe
Did you know that labeling your emotions reduces your arousal? Once you identify how you are feeling, re-frame it positively and your emotional response will shift.

Managing your emotions is a sign of maturity. Successful people can observe their mental processes and regulate their emotions. Managing your emotions reduces distractions and increases your performance! Next time you feel an emotion, try identifying, labeling and positively re-framing it!

What’s your experience with managing your emotions? 

Please share your comments…

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