Young Professionalism 101

In my experience as a Coach of Millennial Workers, I’ve observed the challenges placed upon them by Gen X & Baby Boomer Management. Let me decode the following unspoken expectations for Gen Y employees, based on generational differences in the workplace.

1) Work Ethic. Translation: We expect you to work as hard and long as we did. Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers earned their positions through hard work and sacrifice. They expect the same from you. As a Gen Y’er, you most likely value work relationships, autonomy and efficiency. When you finish your assignment early, ask your supervisor(s) if you can work on a new, innovative project.

2) Ownership. Translation: Take responsibility for your mistakes and think about the company’s benefit, not yours. I’ve heard numerous complaints about Gen Y’ers not taking enough initiative. Management expects you to solve the problems in front of you, even if they fall outside your job description. Think of yourself as a business: What solutions can you work on today?

3) Interpersonal Skills. Translation: Spell check your e-mails, engage in conversations and carry yourself as a professional. The downside of technology is it rots our communication skills. As an employee of a company, you strengthen or weaken the company brand based on each interaction with customers. Take time to review all the details, learn how to improve your EQ and perform for the job you want, not the one you have. Remember, you represent more than just yourself.

Bottom line: Being professional is understanding what is expected of you, then surpassing the standard. The more adaptable (without losing your authenticity) you can become provides greater opportunities and positions you as an invaluable asset.

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