Last week the NBA Finals concluded and a new champion was crowned. In sports, each team has a MVP. This player gets the most out of his teammates and leads by example. In the business world, we all have the ability to be MVP’s. Here are three ways to help you become your team’s MVP:

1) Motivation.
Nowadays we look to “outside forces” to keep us motivated, yet to be a MVP you need to be self-motivated. You can’t depend on others to keep you driven; that’s your responsibility. You have a choice: to be a catalyst or an antagonist. Being motivated means developing a sense of urgency. It says, “there’s no time to waste, we must start now!” MVP’s don’t wait to get motivated, they inspire others to move with their passion. MVP’s have an internal fire within them burning with excitement.

2) Vision.
What are you motivated towards? Every MVP has a goal they are chasing. Having a vision means you have chosen a direction. MVP’s are focused because they know where they are headed. They set their sights on the prize and become relentless in their pursuit. Every great vision has tremendous obstacles along the way, yet overcoming those barriers builds character and resilience. Every great leader starts his/her day with their vision in mind. Vision provides us the motivation to keep fighting.

3) Progress.
Being motivated and having a vision is essential, but results are achieved through making progress. It’s helpful to start at the end and work you way backwards. Start with your vision in mind, then create markers to measure your forward progress. Breaking your larger goal into smaller steps creates attainable momentum. Along the way, make sure you enroll others to join you on your journey. Nothing great has ever been accomplished alone. MVP’s need other strong contributors to fill in their “gaps.”

Being a MVP starts today. Get motivated and act with urgency. Picture your vision being accomplished. Achieve your desired results through daily progress. Focus on being the best of who you are. A MVP creates their own momentum, then is smart enough to surround him/herself with others to cheer them on along the way. Start applying these principles to your life and listen to the chants: MVP! MVP! MVP!

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