3 Myths about Life Coaching

Fact or Fiction?
As a Life Coach, I feel part of my duty is to educate people about what Life Coaching does. Since most people “don’t know”, I thought it would be helpful to clarify some myths that are floating around…

1) Crazy: Only people who are confused or messed up need a Life Coach.
Actually, just the opposite is true. Counseling helps dysfunctional people get to a functional level. Coaching works with functional individuals bringing them to an optimal place. It’s actually the people who want to get ahead that hire a Life Coach. It’s that outside perspective that can identify what you are missing. It takes someone with enough humility to say, “I need someone to help me get to the next level.” Anyone who has goals they want to accomplish will benefit from Life Coaching.

2) Age: Life experience determines competence. A Life Coach can only help clients that are younger than them.
Life Coaching is a process-oriented relationship. It’s not about me (coach) giving you (client) advice. That is counseling or mentoring. A Life Coach does not need to have walked in your shoes to help you. Their goal is to help you find a solution that you initiate yourself. A Life Coach focuses on “how” to reach your goals. Personally, I have coached clients older than me very successfully. The only barrier is your own ego. If you can put that aside, the skies the limit!

3) Value: Life Coaching sounds great, but it’s too expensive.
Think of the last brand name product you purchased. You were willing to pay the extra price because of the perceived value of it. That’s just like Life Coaching. I would be skeptical if a saw Life Coaching offered for next to nothing. Just like anything, you get what you pay for. I haven’t altered my prices during the recession because I know what I offer is worth it. Ask for a FREE introductory session. See if the chemistry is there. The ROI (return on investment) of coaching can be as high as 700%! What you initially “invest” in Life Coaching “pays back” in multiples over time.

Have you avoided Life Coaching because you don’t know what it does?! This is your chance. TRY IT!!! What would it COST you NOT to give it a try?

Growing Forward will coach you to be your best! Partner with us and reach your goals faster!

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